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Inez Aponte

Facilitator, Educator and Consultant

Inez Aponte.jpeg

Inez is a facilitator, educator and consultant in the Human Scale Development Approach, working with communities seeking to improve their quality of life in balance with the Earth’s ecology. With a background in art and performance, her work focuses on the interplay between language, storytelling and culture change to help groups revitalise their ‘radical collective imagination’ – a capacity she believes is vital for the creation of a socially and ecologically just world. She works with a wide range of international audiences, including refugees, business leaders, community organisers and development workers. She is a Research Fellow at The Schumacher Institute and Founder of Growing Good Lives. She has just launched an intergenerational wisdom project called Crazy Beautiful World to open up a dialogue between teenagers and adults on the pressing issues of our time. She delivers Human Scale Development training for WorkFREE.


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