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Research Ethics

We take the ethics of what we do very seriously. This means working hard not only to ensure that we ‘do no harm’ but also that what we do benefits those we work with and society as a whole. We are strongly inspired by the Global Code of Conduct for Research in Resource-Poor Countries.  


WorkFREE has been granted approval by the Social Science Research Ethics Committee at the University of Bath; and the IRB of the Institute of Financial Research and Management at Krea University, India, with which we are associated.

If you would like an overview of how our approach to ethics has informed key principles of project design, this article will give you a good idea. We have formal policies in place to deal with unexpected findings and to pause or even terminate the project (The Amendment and Termination Protocol and Exit Process) in the event that we find it is causing harm to participants. Likewise, we have a plan in place to ensure that the end of the project happens carefully and gradually. Lastly, we have appointed an Independent Ethics Advisor and established an Ethics Advisory Board to support us in managing this project as responsibly and respectfully as we can.

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