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Parushya Parushya

IWWAGE Research Manager

Parushya Parushya.png

Parushya is a Research Manager at IWWAGE. He supports research design and handles quantitative data and analytics on multiple projects focused on studying the informal economy, urban poverty, and social protection schemes. Before joining IWWAGE he was part of research projects assessing the role of property rights and public services on the economic and social mobility of urban poor populations.

A civil engineering graduate from the National Institute of Technology Karnataka and Young India Fellowship, Ashoka University, he has more than six years of experience in the development sector. He has worked as an International Innovation Corps Fellow with the University of Chicago followed by multiple research and consultancy roles with various international development organisations and government departments in India.

On the WorkFREE project, he leverages his background in quantitative research to design data collection tools and frameworks for analysis. He is particularly interested in embedding innovative modules capturing participants' choices and perceptions in the survey instruments and using spatial data to enrich the quality of the information in the process.


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